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Projects and Committees

The following are permanent or 'ad hoc' committees, services and projects that ESP is currently involved in.
If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with any committee or project, please contact us by email: email.

This page last altered: 1/2009


*ESP Newsletter

This is a permanent committee. It publishes 8 issues a year. Submissions are always welcome (articles, recipes, original artwork, etc.)

*Publicity committee

This is a permanent committee. This committee takes care of all the promotion of ESP events. Volunteers are always needed to help post flyers in the city, region and state (CO).


*Community potluck/Community coffee

These events occur on the ccur on the Sundays of each month. During warm months (May thru Sept.), the potlucks are held out of doors. During the colder months (Oct. thru April), the coffees are held indoors.

*Ritual volunteers

ESP supports 21 rituals during the year. Members and non-members are encouraged to volunteer to plan and officiate rituals. The Ritual Coordinator has the details for people wishing to volunteer. Click here for information for presenters.

*Coven or Group Seeker

Many people contact us looking for a coven or group to join. While covens and groups abound nowadays, not many are open to walk-in members. Most have a screening or petitioning process, of some sort, to allow the group to see if a person will "fit" with their other members. E.S.P. maintains two files: One for Seekers and one for Covens/Groups.

Please note: These files are maintained for the Colorado Springs, CO/Pikes Peak region area ONLY.

The Seeker file contains biographies of people looking to join a coven or group.

The Covens/Groups file contains information about the coven or group (i.e. Path/Tradition followed, Are they accepting members, How does one contact or petition for entry, etc.)

If you would like to submit your information to either of these files, use the online forms Seeker | Coven/Group or email us the following information;

For the Seeker file:

Name (mundane, not magickal), how to contact you, what tradition you currently practice (if any), length in this tradition (if applicable), What kind of group/coven you are looking for, How far you are willing to travel, a short biography about yourself containing any information you think would be helpful.

For the Covens/Groups file:

Name of the Group or Coven, Address, Phone number, Email, Website, Main contact person, Tradition/Path practiced, Are you a Teaching coven or group, how long your group has been in existence, a brief biography about the group and its beliefs/goals, Are you a recognized religious organization (i.e. state only, non-profit, 501,c,3, etc.), Are you open to new members or not, If so, how does a person join/petition for entry.


*Ritual Coordinator

The Ritual Coordinator helps organize and facilitate all the ESP rituals.

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