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Earth Spirit Pagans (ESP) is a nonprofit religious and cultural organization based in Colorado Springs, CO. We were founded in 1992, are incorporated in the State of Colorado and have our federal tax-exempt status (501,c,3). ESP is financially supported by the dues and donations of its membership and the occasional donation of a private citizen. Our Mission: We are dedicated to the preservation and continued vitality of Pagan religions and cultures.

The ESP membership is made up of individuals and families, not groups, from around the Pikes Peak region and the State, even some from across the country. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This myriad of influences provides Earth Spirit Pagans with the ability to be tolerant of each others' differences as well as the differences in society around us. Close ties to the Earth and Nature make respect, compassion and consideration an inherent part of our ethical treatment of other life in all its forms.

It is impossible to define Pagan for everyone; as it is a religious preference it is subjective in nature. Earth Spirit Pagans defines Pagan as "An adherent of a polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion."

Earth Spirit Pagans is an organization where Seekers come for information, classes, workshops, and shared rituals. A place where individuals of different Paths and Traditions can explore and discuss their differences and opinions without fear of retribution or judgment. A place of shared learning without restraints on what can be learned or taught, except as limited by ESP's mission.

Most importantly, we provide a caring and nurturing environment for practitioners of Pagan Paths, helping Seekers and others explore Paganism/Neo-Paganism as a religious and spiritual path.. All individuals are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines that ESP has set forth for its members and guests.

To accomplish ESP's mission, we use five avenues of Outreach: Religious, Networking, Community, Media, and Political. The foremost focus being religious and spiritual.

Our direction is provided by the Assembly of Stewards. (click here for our Bylaws) Earth Spirit Pagans is a voluntary organization and cannot exist without the support of our members and donations.
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