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Is the Ritual Cancelled???
page last updated 8/1/2016

Upcoming ritual(s) and event(s) are:

Full Moon(s)2016:January 23, February 23, March 23 (cancelled by weather), April 21 (Cancelled due to officiant illness), May 21, June 20, July 19 (cancelled by weather), August 18, September 16, October 15


**Weather-related closures: ESP rituals at rented facilities --
Celebration Community room - If the weather is extreme and/or dangerous for travel, then events will be cancelled.


IF a ritual or event is cancelled, ESP will do the following:

1. We will try to post a sign at the ritual location (when possible).
2. An email announcing the cancellation will be sent out to the ESP members and the Calendar email list.
3. A message will be posted here on the website, and Facebook page.
4. Backup plans (if any) for the ritual will be related on the website, Facebook, and in the email.

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